About Us

This page is not only about us but also about you! You need an experienced qualified inspector, and this has proven to be quite the challenge considering that anyone in Ontario can call themselves a home inspector without any credentials. This is thankfully in the process of changing with the introduction of mandatory licensing for all home inspectors in this province, currently in the works.

Sam Fidale has not only earned the highest credentials such as a Registered Home Inspector (RHI), National Certificate Holder (NCH), Tarion New Construction Inspector (NCI), Commercial Building Inspection trained-CDW Engineering as well as achieving the Level 2 designation in infrared thermography, he brings along with him over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. From pouring the footings of new homes to installing the chimney cap on a masonry chimney, and almost everything in between.

Sam completed his first renovation at 12 years old by renovating the family bathroom, with no leaks and some minor mistakes, Sam learned at an early age to ask for advice from the pros. In the case of his first bathroom renovation a kind hardware store owner in his seventies took an interest in a 12 year old who came in for materials for a bathroom renovation that appeared to be way beyond his skill level. That gentleman steered Sam in the right direction at that early age when he said “Do you want to do this the right way? All you have to do is ask and I’ll be happy to show you how!” Those kind words from a retired contractor are ones that Sam has never forgotten.

At every inspection clients are invited to follow the inspector and ask questions along the way. Sam has a keen interest in people and that is why he also spends countless hours on volunteer construction projects all over Ontario.